1What is Texas Drone Pros?
We are a one of a kind shop who specializes in FPV (First Person View) Drones.
2What is FPV?
First Person View: A small camera is mounted on the front of the drone and feeds a real time signal to a pair of goggles that the pilot wears. This allows the pilot to control the drone as though s/he were sitting in the aircraft! It’s just like the dreams of flight you had when you were a kid, only this is real!
3I had a drone once and it fell apart when I crashed it into my cat, are these drones of the same quality?
No, our drones are designed for racing and ‘freestyle’ flight. We design them with crashing in mind and source only the best carbon fiber for our frames. These drones are meant to be crashed over and over again and keep on flying.
4Are these drones for indoor or outdoor use?
We have drones for both indoors and outside; some can be used in and outside, some are strictly outside. Wind has no affect on most of our drones, so there’s no worry they’ll get lost in the breeze.
5How fast do they go and how far away can I fly it?
Our drones’ top speed vary depending on the model you choose; our beginner systems max out at around 35 mph while our full on race drones can reach speeds of 120+ mph. Conditions will dictate how far you can fly our drones, typically we find that half of a mile is about as far away from the pilot as you can safely fly.
6How much do these drones cost?
Our prices start at less than $200 for a full beginner setup and go up from there, depending on what you want to do with your drone. We sell accessories, spare parts, full ‘ready to fly’ drone systems and more!
7Can I try one before I buy it?
Absolutely! We have a drone racing simulator set up in our shop that replicates the feel of flying a drone very well, come check it out and decide for yourself if this is something you want to get into!